Topic 5 Simple Steps to Help You Lose Weight - Permanent Solutions to a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 12:15pm

    Get a Kid's Meal - Kid portions are actually appropriately Green Barley Plus sized portions. They make a very good choice and are the best choice if you are at a place that doesn't seem to have any good choices on the menu. A kid's meal has fewer calories and is your best bet if you cannot avoid fried foods.

    Skip the Fries - French fries are loaded with fat. They are usually the single worst item on the menu. 99% of the time you eat fast food you should say no to fries. They are deep-fried and nothing, but carbs so they are a double bad choice. You get starchy carbs that spike your blood sugar and fats that clog your arteries.

    Get Sauce on the Side - Sauces on burgers at fast food restaurants are usually packed with sugar, fat and calories. Get it on the side and only use a little or, better, ask for none at all. You can really save yourself a lot of fat and calories just by doing this. It is really simple to ask for no sauce or for it on the side. This includes all special sauces and mayonnaise. You sandwich ends up being much healthier for you this way.

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