TopicCan Your Caffeinated Drinks Kill You?

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 10:23am

    If you are a person that considers themselves to be GRS Ultra Review in a moderate state of health then you will want to consume seventy-percent raw and thirty percent cooked foods. The deciding factor of the impact of the crude foods will be which foods you decide to eat raw and which ones you decide to cook. Certain foods such as tomatoes (lycopene), mushrooms carotenoids and carrots beta-carotene are nutritionally superior when they are cooked. If you decided to cook broccoli, spinach and kale then you might not benefit as much as you wanted because these veggies are known to be very powerful in their raw states.

    Over the last century eating meat has increased at an exponential rate. It is very difficult to convince most people to have a meal without a piece of meat on their plate. It is true that breaking the meat-eating habit would be a difficult task for someone who has been consuming animal flesh for several years. While meat may "taste good" we have to be aware that consuming the dead carcass of an animal has more cons than pros. In fact, most of these cons lead down a road of sickness or in severe cases even death.

    Let's begin by stating the biggest mistake that so-called meat eaters make. In order to glean the nutrients that you desire from animal flesh you must consume the animal flesh raw. When you make the decision to cook animal flesh you have eliminated most if not all of the nutrients that you believe that you will receive. Cooking the meat not only changes the molecular structure but it turns your body into a cemetery because you now become a tomb for a dead carcass. If you're going to be a true carnivore then you had better watch the lions and tigers on the discovery channel. In order to get complete protein from animal flesh you have to consume the entire entity crude in its complete package. You cannot eat a wing or a breast and think that you're getting the necessary protein and other vitamins. Protein is most commonly found in complete (whole) forms not in portions or sections.

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