Topic Managing Stress Through Yoga

  • Fri 9th Mar 2018 - 10:40am

    Do the Poses. Practice the asanas to achieve a healthy Yoga Booty Challenge body but more importantly to clear your mind so that you can relax and meditate. Although many westerners believe that the physical asana practice is the definition of yoga, the asanas were designed to clear and focus the mind to prepare it for meditation and spiritual contemplation.Breathe. Treat your breath like the life giving force that it is. Use the breath to bring a sense of calm to body and mind. Learn to direct and control the breath and learn to send its healing, life-giving power where it is needed.Take a Time Out. Don't overstimulate yourself. Take a break from the evening news, the macbook, the ipad, the iphone, and the Wii. Try to ignore the sensual and sensational images, sounds, and feelings that interfere with having a calm mind and truly relaxing. Become immune to distraction. Stop looking outward for stimulation and validation; instead, look inward.

    Train your mind to have single-pointed attention and intention. Stop the mind from wandering and flittering about.
    Meditate. Sit in a quiet place, clear your mind, and relax. Let thoughts and feelings arise and subside without judgment. Use the time to reflect on your nature and the universal spirit or, as Deepak Chopra states it, the mystery we call God.Let the Force Be With You. One for All and All for One. This is sometimes described as "ecstasy," but it is probably not what most westerners think of when they hear the word ecstasy. In this case, it is experiencing a true sense of "oneness" with the universe and God. The chatter of the mind is gone, the sensations of the body are ineffective, and there is only a sense of universal spirituality and profound bliss. This is the enlightenment that is the goal of all of the other eight limbs.



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