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  • Mon 19th Mar 2018 - 6:13am

    What would happen if humans didn't have bones? We'd Health tips from just be a puddle of skin on the floor. We won't able to walk, talk, or even stand up! Our body's framework is made up of over 206 bones. They provide the structure and support to keep our bodies upright, enable us to move and also protect our internal organs e.g. heart and lungs. They also serve as storage areas for 99% of our body's total calcium. As our bones are important for many vital functions, therefore it is critical to keep them strong and healthy.

    Bones are living tissue made up of living cells collagen, etc. and non-living minerals calcium, etc., and has a blood supply and a distribution of nerves.Your bones break down and re-build itself by going through a natural process known as "bone re-modeling", which occurs throughout your life. The breaking down and re-building processes allow new bones to be formed. These 2 processes need to be in balance to maintain bone mass. If there is more breakdown than re-building activity, this might result in bone loss. Which means with less bone breakdown, you are able to protect your bone strength.

    When we're young, the bone re-modeling process causes us to build more bone tissue than lose it. By our twenties or thirties, our bone mass reaches its peak. The older we get the more bones we lose as there is more breakdown compared to building back in out bone re-modeling process.Caffeine drinks may be a favored option for gaining quick energy, but many people are opting out of daily cups of java or having caffeinated soda with every meal. Whether it's for general health benefits, a weight loss ambition, or out of a desire to break free from caffeine dependency, many are looking for other, less addictive ways of gaining energy without compromising health and well-being.

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