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  • Mon 19th Mar 2018 - 8:44am

    No two trading plans are the same as each trader adapts  Day Trading Strategies their plan to suit their risk profile and lifestyle. Some plans involve scalping others may involve short to medium term trend trading. Some CFD providers don't like dealing with scalpers but prefer short to medium term traders, this is something you will not find out from reading their website or glossy marketing brochures. Different trading plans also involve different order types, some require trailing stop-loss, stop-entry or guaranteed stop-loss orders. Many of these order types are not offered by all CFD brokers.

    CFD positions are marked to market on a daily basis with the profit or loss from the position being credited or debited to the traders account. Holders of CFD positions also benefit from corporate actions and rights issues in shares over which the CFD based, this means that traders of Share CFDs receive many of the benefits that owners of the underling share receive. It is important to note the not all the benefits are passed back to the owner of the CFDs these include voting rights and franking credits, however as CFDs are generally held open for a relatively short time frame most CFD traders are not concerned about franking credits or voting rights.

    As CFDs are leveraged they come with some risk which if not managed correctly through the use of stop-loss orders can result in large losses as such it is important to develop a trading plan before starting to trade CFDs. Some CFD traders also use guaranteed stop-loss orders to ensure that their stop-loss is filled at the price that it is placed, this ensures that there is no slippage on the order meaning that unexpected losses can not occur.

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